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Custom Sleep Appliances For

Sleep Apnea?

Now You Can Prevent Snoring and Sleep Apnea With
1ST IMPRESSIONS Orthodontics Custom Sleep Therapy Appliances

Looking for 1ST IMPRESSIONS Orthodontics custom sleep therapy appliances?

Do you have trouble with you or your family members snoring at night? 

Snoring can cause sleepless nights for both you and those around you! 

We have a sleep program that can help you and your family sleep better for an affordable price. 

There are many types of snorers.  Some people snore, but still receive the proper amount of oxygen during their sleep cycle.  However, others have a condition called Sleep Apnea which can be dangerous for their health.

Dr. Gibson can fabricate Sleep Therapy Appliances that cater to each individuals sleeping patterns and problems.

Please mention this web page and receive $50.00 off your custom Sleep Therapy Appliance during your consultation with Dr. Colin Gibson.

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