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BACK-TO-SCHOOL SEASON is in full swing! Some parents are sad to have less time with their children, others are ecstatic to have the house kid-free for seven hours a day. But all “grown-ups” can look back on what it was like to be a child back in school, and that includes me.

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Best Thing About Back-To-School

I personally loved the new school supplies and clothes shopping. Every fall felt like a chance to define my style. I remember one summer (as soon as I was old enough) I started babysitting so I could spend my own money on Levi Jeans. I can still remember that feeling of wearing my own jeans that I paid for. It really felt good.

Best Back-To-School Memories

In middle school (before cell phones, LOL) my best friend and I would write notes to each other during class to exchange in between classes. I remember that we started using this purple ( my friends favorite color) spiral notebook instead of loose paper and all the people we mentioned had to have a code name just in case the notebook ever got taken away. It never did! She got to keep the notebook. I could just imagine reading it now. I don’t think I would have any idea what we were talking about!

Does this remind you of your first day back at school?


Favorite Teachers

I had always loved art class. In high school, I had some amazing teachers but my favorite will always be Mrs. Rodgers the pottery teacher. She had the most wonderful class room. It was the perfect balance of creative messy and organized chaos. I was determined to learn how to make a coffee cup on the wheel.  For those of you that know me personally, that shouldn’t supprise you. I still have a few pieces I made around my home. When I see them I can’t help but smile. Thank you, Mrs. Rodgers, you’re still the best!

What About You?

I’ve shared my stories about the excitement of being back in school, but we’d love to hear yours! Please post your stories on our social media and tag our practice when you share your memories. And, of course, you can always tell us in person when you come in for your next appointment!


We love everyone in our practice family!


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